About Us

Regional Centre

We are a regional urology centre, recognised as having one of the top clinical research programmes in Europe. We use the latest equipment including the latest generation surgical robot (Da Vinci), high definition laparoscopic equipment, the highest quality cystoscopic equipment and have a number of lasers available in the department to offer the best and most minimally invasive procedures possible. We are continually developing the use of new techniques to treat urological conditions with minimal damage to healthy tissue (minimally invasive treatments). In laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures surgeons operate through tiny incisions, so that you have a shorter hospital stay, and can enjoy a more rapid recovery. We are recognised as a leading department for laparoscopy and have trained other surgeons both from the UK and from around the world.

We also operate with the latest generation surgical robot that allows for the highest levels of precision and swift recovery whilst minimising damage to surrounding structures.