About Us

Committed to Quality Care

We are committed to improving your experience whilst in our care and have opened a day of surgery arrival ward to reduce the time you need to spend in hospital. Many of our procedures require only an overnight stay. We are also developing community based services and have set up a unique specialist nurse led service for patients with bladder cancer to enable them to look after their medication needs in their own home.

We are the on-call urology service for the Newcastle area and also for the whole of Northumberland up to the Scottish border, as well as providing cover for our neighbouring district hospitals in terms of specialist urology care. Care of emergency urology patients is led by an on call urology consultant who is trained in the care of acute urology problems. We also offer a rapid access clinic for non urgent problems that need to be seen swiftly and this service is accessed via general practitioners. Patients requiring urgent surgery are treated in a dedicated emergency theatre allowing for swift surgery when necessary.