About Us


The Freeman Hospital is the leading provider for the North of England of the innovative and increasingly popular robotic assisted prostatectomy, using the Da Vinci robot platform. This treats cancer of the prostate without the need for traditional surgery, reducing the risk of bleeding as well as the risk of erectile difficulties and continence problems.

Our clinicians are recognised nationally as experts in the treatment of bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancer and we are the sole provider in the North East of England of brachytherapy (radioactive seed implants) for the treatment of selected patients with prostate cancer.

We have also recently commenced non-surgical based radiofrequency heat treatment (RFA) under local anaesthesia, for selected small kidney tumours.

We are the regional centre for the treatment of complex urethral disease offering a number of different procedures for the reconstruction of the urethra (water pipe). We see an increasing number of men with erection problems (erectile dysfunction) and penile curvature, and provide the full range of treatment options including inflatable penile implants.

A number of our team specialise in urological reconstruction surgery and after care. This is surgery to improve the function of the urinary tract to allow patients to be continent with protection of their kidney function. We are the only hospital in the North of England offering neuromodulation for a range of functional bladder disorders such as bladder overactivity and urge incontinence. In these procedures a small device is implanted under the skin that helps to modulate the signals from the bladder to the brain and allows many patients to regain confidence in controlling their bladder symptoms without the need for other medication.

Patients with small kidney stones come to our specialist Lithotripsy Unit from all across the North East. The special technique used involves high energy shock waves that break the stones into tiny pieces which can be passed easily on urination. Alternative treatments are available if you have larger kidney stones, or stones in your ureter. These include minimally invasive surgical techniques whereby stones can be fragmented with a laser.