Freeman Hospital improves bladder cancer care

In addition to the established weekly Multidisciplinary Uro-oncology Team Meeting (MDT), the bladder cancer specialists within the urology department (Mr Bach, Mr Heer, Mr Johnson and Mr Paez) have initiated a weekly bladder cancer meeting together with the bladder cancer specialist nurse Sister Robson and the stoma nurses Sister Moore and Sister Gregor. Patients with high-risk non muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) and muscle-invasive cancer (MIBC) are discussed in detail.

The bladder cancer meeting facilitates optimisation of treatment strategies, taking into account each patient’s preferences and medical needs. Individual recommendations for neo-adjuvant chemo-therapy, surgical approach (open or robotic) for bladder removal, appropriate urinary diversion (ileal conduit or bladder substitution), and inclusion into research trials are made. Potential problems are highlighted and pre-empted within the team. With this in depth review by surgeons and nurses in addition to the MDT, the bladder cancer team expects to further improve patient care and outcomes at Newcastle Urology.

If you want to contact the bladder cancer team directly please email Sister Lynsey Robson:

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