Specialist Services

Community Nursing

Functional Team (0191) 22 31026 – Natalie Smith, Julie Sharp, Kayleigh Brownlee-Moore and Christine Downer.

Bladder Team (0191) 21 38580 – Sarah Oakley and Emma Johnston.

Patients with bladder cancer and other urological disorders often require frequent visits to hospital for treatments, tests and procedures.

The Urology Community Nursing Service is a unique service in the North East, giving you the choice of receiving specialist care and treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home, rather than in hospital. This is usually less stressful and more convenient and the service is highly valued by patients.

The service is delivered by the Urology Nurse Specialist Community team.  The team work closely with healthcare colleagues in both the hospital and community to provide you with specialist advice and support across the North East. Our aim is to continue to expand this service to meet the individual needs of all our patients, helping you live your life as normally as possible.