Specialist Services

Prostate Assessment

Contact: (0191) 21 37056 – Prostate Secretary

We provide a one-stop prostate assessment clinic for men who are experiencing difficulty in emptying their bladder normally, or going to the toilet more frequently than usual. These types of symptoms are often caused by a problem with the prostate gland and your GP can refer you directly to this clinic for tests and advice which should only take an hour or so.

The One-Stop Prostate Assessment Clinic takes place in the Urology Investigation Suite, based at Freeman Hospital.

Staff you are likely to meet

When you arrive in the Urology Investigation Suite, you will be seen by one of our Urology Specialist Practitioner nurses who are highly experienced in problems associated with the prostate. They will explain the anatomy of the urinary and prostate system, discuss your symptoms and explain what to expect during your time in the clinic.

The types of test you can expect

First of all you will have a simple blood test called a PSA test. PSA (prostate specific antigen) is a substance made by the prostate gland and small amounts of PSA pass into the blood stream where its level can be measured.
A bladder test will also be carried out using a specially designed device which is non-invasive (ie. not inserted) to assess your bladder function.

You will also have a rectal (back passage) examination to assess the size of your prostate, whether it feels normal and to see if the prostate is causing an obstruction.

What happens next?

A consultant will discuss all your results with the Urology Specialist Practitioner and decide on a definitive treatment plan. If necessary, further investigations will be organised.

We will write to you or call you with your test results and the proposed treatment plan. We will also write to your GP to keep them fully informed and recommend prescription medication if necessary.

Not all patients require hospital follow up but those who do are reviewed in an outpatient clinic, held in the Main Outpatient Department at Freeman Hospital.

Our consultant urologists who specialise in surgery for non cancerous prostate disease are Miss O’Riordan, Mr M Shaw, Mr T Dorkin, Mr Gujadhur, Mr Veeraterapillay and Mr T Page.