Specialist Services

Urology Reconstruction and Continence

Contact: (0191) 233 6161, Mr C Harding and Mr T J Dorkin

Our Urology reconstruction, stoma and continence service is led by Mr Harding with the assistance of a team of specialist consultants and nurses who provide information, education and counselling for patients with a range of urological disorders. Support is also provided for relatives and carers.

We see patients who need complex urological surgery for both malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) conditions, including urinary diversion surgery and bladder reconstruction. We also provide a service for patients with continence problems following a urological procedure, or who have bladder dysfunction requiring self -catheterisation or another form of management.

We see patients with urethral strictures (narrowing/scarring of the urine pipe) and have expertise with all types of surgical techniques used to reconstruct the urethra, including the use of buccal mucosa (from inside the mouth). Mr Dorkin specialises in urethral reconstruction and sees patients from all over the region.

We absolutely recognise that urological conditions can be sensitive and very distressing. Our staff are committed to ensuring every patient is treated with the utmost dignity and sensitivity, as well as providing you with the highest quality of care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our consultant urologists who specialise in reconstruction and continence are Mr C Harding, Mr T J Dorkin, Miss V Lavin, Mr A Nambiar and Mr J Barclay.

Useful contacts

Incontinence Information Helpline: (0191) 213 0050