Specialist Services

Laser Prostate Surgery

Contact: (0191) 213 7661 – Mr T. Page Consultant Urologist

This is a minimally invasive procedure using a laser, rather than cautery. The advantages of laser treatment include:

Lower risk of loss of erectile function

A shorter hospital stay (either as a day case or an inpatient stay of less than 24 hours)

Less bleeding & lower risk of requirement for blood transfusion

Less requirement for a urethral catheter

More information about what you can expect when you have laser treatment is available under HoLEP surgery.

If you would like to discuss this service in more detail, a referral can be made by your GP or by the urology department at your local hospital.

Our consultant urologists who offer HoLEP surgery are Mr T Page, Mr M Shaw, Miss A O’ Riordan, Mr R Veeratterpillay, Mr R Gujadhur and Mr C. Tait.