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Kidney Cancer

Contact: (0191) 2138580 – Sarah Clasper, Uro-oncology Nurse Specialist

The most common symptoms of kidney cancer are blood in your urine and/or pain in your side. Some people experience loss of appetite and weight, and unexplained tiredness. However, kidney tumours can grow to a large size without any symptoms and, as a result, many kidney tumours are found while investigating other symptoms.

If your GP feels that your symptoms may indicate kidney cancer, you will be referred to see one of our consultant urologists either in the Haematuria Clinic or in the main Outpatient Department at the Freeman Hospital.

We run four haematuria clinics a week at the Freeman Hospital. With most of our patients coming from across the North East, we work in close partnership with smaller, local hospitals and hold clinics in the following locations so that you do not have to travel as far:

  • North Tyneside General Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead
  • Wansbeck General Hospital
  • Hexham General Hospital

Please contact us for further information about these clinics or ask at one of the hospitals above.

The Newcastle Haematuria Clinic is held in the Urology Investigation Suite at the Freeman Hospital.

If you are referred to see one of our consultant urologists in the Freeman Hospital outpatient clinic, this is held in the Main Outpatient Department at the Freeman Hospital.

The types of test you can expect

To help us find out whether or not you have a kidney tumour, a range of investigations will be carried out including:

• an ultrasound scan of your kidneys which produces a picture using sound waves, takes under 15 minutes and is completely painless.
• a CT x-ray scan to look in detail at the kidneys and surrounding tissues, dye is usually given intravenously during the scan.

You may require a separate appointment for some of these tests.

What happens next

We will discuss your results with you as soon as they are available, and agree on the most appropriate treatment option. This normally takes place at your consultant’s out-patient clinic.

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